Job Application

by WordPlay T.JAY

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Job Application is the 5th independent album by vocalist and producer, WordPlay TJAY. The album reflects a more honest and vulnerable approached mixed with witty lyricism. Job Application is reflective of the years after WordPlay TJAY's initial success died off after being featured on MTV's RapFix Live. This forced him to get multiple jobs to support his music. His parents engage him in a discussion about getting your dream job and the challenges that come with it during playback. WordPlay TJAY brings his original production that is styled after the likes of Timbaland and Organized Noized to echo the conversation. He answers the discussion with songs that take him from lying in pity to feeling secure that music is his only occupation.


released March 28, 2016

Executive Produced by WordPlay T.JAY

Writing: Terry L Johnson Jr.; Terrence E Johnson; Joseph A Gray II; Brandon Westbrooks;

Published by On The Map Entertainment (ASCAP)

2016 © Terry L Johnson Jr./On The Map Music Group



all rights reserved


WordPlay T.JAY Little Rock, Arkansas

WordPlay T.Jay takes his underdog story and flips it into a story of success. Creating music that caters to the underdogs of today.

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Track Name: Clock In
Too confident to stay surrounded by doubt.
Could have gave it up but I never would have found out.
That I’ve been this dope, my pen games works out.
So I’m clocking in, no clocking out.
Clocking In, no time for doubts
Stay on the job when them other dudes punch out.
Clocking in, no time for doubts.
So, I’m clocking in. So I never clock out.
Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay
Coming in with the pen game, sketch it out like its hentai
Better bow to the sensei, never mind what your friends say
Not even what your ken say, cause your boy T.Jay getting sick as hell.
Shit was a game, I would pick myself. Had you in stores, wouldn’t pick your shelf.
Make the whole thing up just to get your wealth.
Try to stick to the walls but that shit ain’t felt.
Could of used Velcro but that shit doesn’t help.
Is it too damn hard just to be yourself?
Treat yourself, got dates on dates on dates.
Not fruit but it’s time to hit the stage.
My shit needed time to incubate.
Work hard so it’s time to get the raise.
Chips off no time to hit delays.
Know myself so love is all I crave.
Flip raps even if it never pays.
Do it for Mike Brown and Freddy Gray
Confidence, competence, push culture up, no dominance.
Hands on like fondling, gotta orchestrate my prominence, so I’m.
Verse 2:
Getting my stance back, now I grit my teeth like a bear trap.
Get the whole crew ready like the fair’s back, as I rise on up watch stairs pack.
Like mama at work, where the cares at?
As I stock our growth, can’t share that.
Pick apart my work, no fair facts, when their own shit is just half ass like:
He don’t use enough metaphors and that nigga sounds too nerdy.
He don’t talk about dumb shit and can’t turn it up on my birthday.
Cause I’m WordPlay. If you got it all then I wouldn’t be the best.
I don’t work this hard to be the rest, didn’t come this far to just digress.
I work this hard to be a pest, to everyone that sees my death.
Use what I got to make it stretch, and til this day it’s Nothin’ Less.
I work this hard to be a pest, to everyone that sees my death.
Use what I got to make it stretch, and til this day it’s Nothin’ Less.
Hold up, just doing things that they told us.
If we never live our dreams out, then we fall like October.
Hold up, just doing things that they told us.
If we never live our dreams out, then we fall like October.
Hold up ain’t doing things that they told us
Grind like they owe us, grind out like Folgers.
Hold up ain’t doing things that they told us
Grind like they owe us, grind out like Folgers.
Track Name: Get Out The Way
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Born immaculate like midichlorians
It’s been a while since I put my foot in Delorean
I use the force to stretch the sound like an accordion
And all the while I am senior valedictorian
Tryna juggle the struggle, while staying optimistic, flow apocalyptic
Slow the clock is ticking, I can stop resistance with all the good I’m giving
And I’m here to tell the people what they need to know
I put the groove into the record, let the needle go.
If I can see it then I let it go,
The life I’m living, nothing shorter than a miracle.
I see the light, my past was darker than a spiritual.
And if you tell me no that means that I ain’t hearing you
I see it coming get out the way
I see it coming get out the way
I see it coming get out the way,
And if you on that negative then get out my face
[Verse 2]
Soon I’m about to hit you on your tv screens,
Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon to hit the scene
Round it up with Cobert and the rest, this is dope in the flesh.
I’ve been pushing every day homie, dare me to flex.
I got muscle like a mollusk, watch me reign and no umbrellas
On The Map and they can’t tell us that we never hit the top
No bejewel and no embellish, I’m a pickle like in relish
It don’t matter if we sell it we gone dish it til we drop
Not a flop until we say it, that success is overrated.
I am never green with envy, so I’ll never get it jaded
See me talking with Charlamange, next to Angela Yee,
Envy asking me questions, my music is on repeat.
2010, MTV, Sway just got me on my feet.
Now the rest is up to me, to get it popping in the streets.
1 by 1 collectiong fans just to give them all the heat,
Until I’m living on the beach, hit the sand like a sheik.
[Verse 3]
Check I’m going to war, in a galaxy far, far away
I’m a star it’s not fair to make me stay
I can never be replaced, not my soul or my essence.
Quick to drop a message like a 1000 UPS’s.
I’m the bottom to the top, from the biz and the session
Will he ever make it up? I can answer. Ain’t no question.
Cause my fans stick beside, they stay keeping me alive,
Humble, ain’t no lying, I don’t even need the pride.
Get my stride, chew it up, and I’m always on the cusp.
Now I’m tipping off the edge, then I drop and I feel the rush.
I can’t help it, when I felt it, I just let the spirit go.
I can’t focus on their movement and keep hoping mine’s will grow.
All of this awakens, I can bring about new hope.
Use my talent I’ve been given just to try and help you cope.
And my dream to heal the world I can never let it go.
And the truth I’m terrified, I ain’t scared to let you know.
Track Name: Someone Else's Dream
Hook: WordPlay T.Jay
I’m waking up early morning, and I’m yawning
I don’t wanna, should be on it, but I’m working on somebody else’s dream.
Yeah, this is someone else’s dream.
I’m waking up early morning, and I’m yawning
I don’t wanna, should be on it, but I’m working on somebody else’s dream.
Yeah, this is someone else’s dream.

Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay
Morning time and I’m on it.
Should be aiming for victories, but life is my opponent.
I’m just a link. Like two components.
I’m the one that’s busting ass, but boss gets all the bonus.
Ink this shit like toners, in a moment could be goners.
So why the hell am I giving time when my dreams get lonely.
I got the talent and I got the faith.
I learned that giving up on me has been my worst mistake.
Verse 2:
So let’s get real for a minute.
I should have been getting it,
but it’s tough with independence.
Trying to tax myself, can’t let go of my dependence.
From needing checks and paying debts, so work has no limits.
Told my bosses I’m finished.
I’m tired of build your business.
I gave my time. Now I’m mixing shit like chemist.
May not be the beaten path, but trust me I’m committed.
No wonder why I’m so lucid, cause my dreams are realistic.
So hats off like fitteds. If you on the way to get it.
It’s harder when you grind a bit but it’s smoother at the finish.
Just stick with it. Let the people know you’re gifted.
Story line just shifted, I am nobody’s apprentice.
I am nobody’s attendant, I am nobody’s assistant.
Surround myself with few bodies, cause nobody’s are finished.
I guess you’ll see me when I reach the charts.
I had to realize my potential just to beat the odds. I am God.
Track Name: 100 $ (featuring BEE-West)
100 dollars down, yet I’m focused.
And I’m bout to get faded like the sunset
And let it go, and let it go.
Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay
Started off this week real bad
Paid up Geico and it zapped my cash.
First of the month and rent’s due.
I’m trying to vent but it’s hotter than a church pew.
In Louisiana with those little bitty fans on a stick.
Work my balls off until the Stans on my dick.
Wanna book a tour but the views ain’t hit.
But the way to get fans is to use that shit.
Man I’m trying to eat, break me off with the formula.
Started long ago but my motor’s still warming up.
I can see the words touching bodies like a coroner.
Talking but nobody understands like a foreigner.
That don’t really make no sense.
I’m saying few comprehend, what the rest don’t get.
So I’m dropping every week like a sitcom.
Cause my bank account got me on a mission.
Verse 2: Bee-West
Look, living dream and dreaming is what I’m fiending for.
Give another option, my plot is to make the dreamer grow.
From another part in the garden, my art will seem to show.
Beautiful visions, of living a world and it’s like a prism.
Splitting light in all directions, just like a division.
I rather pull it all together, --- addition
For my brothers, I want us to reach above the stars.
Sinking to another level, whenever, we yeah we are.
Unstoppable, uncrushable,
nothing that I can do to make another one question
and happiness I pursue is like.
Mixing orange juice with Sprite.
Mix it through the night, I put on the music of life right?
At a stop light. Leaning to the left.
Thinking bout a lot of bullshit that’s out of step.
I make dance of it, the answer is something amazing.
Never thought of it when nothing that’s up in my savings.
Verse 3: WordPlay T.Jay
Seems like all I do now is sit and worry about a check
I ain’t even online but I’m worried about the net
Trying to build an army but there’s nowhere I can vet
Finna reach the top but they add another step.
Seems like people that I knew don’t even talk no more.
Even Hans got Chewy, why am I so low.
Hope the odds even out like an isotope.
And there’s a few guys thinking why am I so dope.
I’m a class act with a back pack make you bag back.
I’m the bomb now, I ain’t talking about in Bagdhad.
Beauty of the week now I’m waking up with Jet lag.
Building my credentials now ya boy needs a press pass.
But I’m still clocking in at Best Buy.
Job applications putting on my best tie
Greeting customers, putting on my best lie.
Cause I’m writing in my head working on the next line.
Track Name: Po So Long
WordPlay T.Jay - Po So Long – Lyrics
[Intro: WordPlay T.Jay]
Who knew that I’d be so fortunate,
To get to meet Big Boi and get to chill back stage.
Or a few years back getting love from Sway.
God gotta be real to build a buzz off faith.
Poor so long.
That the good feels great.
Checks coming in just to fill my plate.
I can fly so high you can’t steal my cape.
[Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay]
I done been poor so long
That if I earned a million dollars then I’d never buy a mansion
Vacay in the country I don’t even need the Hamptons
Don’t need a caterer just a bomb ass sandwich
Poor so long
I’m a pay the car note and just fix up the damage
Never doing things that are so outlandish.
No diamonds in the chain cause this life ain’t granted.
Poor so long
That I’m a put aside a stack so my kid goes to Stanford.
Never got in rap for the glitz and the glamour.
Put my message out then probably win a Grammy.
Poor so Long
Holding on to myself never lose my standards.
Going back home just hug my family.
Man a dollar never ran me.
[Hook: ]
I ain’t even worried about a Million
It’s been a long old road
With the same old song
I done been poor so long.
I just want the pain all gone.
Til’ it ain’t no more, til it ain’t no more.
[Verse 2:]
I done been poor so long
That if a nigga ran up then he probably couldn’t rob me
The 44 tucked just to jack his broccoli
I could get down on what he tried to get off me
Poor so long
Like somebody trying to pour a gallon jug in the tub
Working off my debts just to get in the club
Even with my last dollar I’m a sip me some rum
Poor so long
I only know the positive like a stop four ways
Eating ice pops, what the hell is sorbet?
Stay killing in the summer now that’s a gore may
Poor so long
Holding on to myself never lose my standards
Going back home just to hug my family.
Man a dollar never ran me.
[Hook: 2x]
Track Name: Roger
Hook (2x): WordPlay T.Jay
You either go hard or go home
You can’t complain about the tough shit that you don’t want
Your hustle level either Goyard or Polo
No interruptions, so just don’t knock on my door,
So Go Home Roger.
Verse 1:
I let my energy speak it my existence is through your speakers
Coming up like bleachers I’m inspired to touch the people
Healing preachers and teachers, my soul tougher than sneakers
Face off like jeepers creepers for homies my and my amigas
They aint with us? Never need em, negative never see it
No clouding up my judgement, the smoke, I never breathe it
Attract what I believe in claim it like Europeans
Doubted for seven season just to recognize the demons
I ain’t worried about the beamers I get the shit when I need it
Ain’t living life for your standards, I’m a motherfucking genius
I believe I am a God, drinking the blood of Jesus
Mop it with Wonder Bread, now I’m feeding all my people
My mind it’s very lethal, Danny Glover can’t believe it
Go back like LeBron, his hairline it can’t recede it.
I’m joking because I see it, white hair…I’m always teasing
Going hard for the reasons and running for my achievement.
Verse 2:
I let my energy speak it, and I’m going to the top
I don’t know if there’s a bottom because I’m focused on my spot
I stay focused til I pop, like a Midwest drink
I’m EQ’ing all the levels, I admit I never sing
I admit I never blink, 187 on my block
As a kid I used to think 187 never stops
Screaming no, mo, mo. We won’t go no more
That’s what bred my ambition, that’s what y’all don’t know
You ain’t making beats at midnight, have to go to class at 8
Go to work by 2 o’clock with no dinner on your plate
Eating pizza every meal, donate blood to feed your face
Have the coppers on your car for another man’s mistake
But I never stopped believing, its gonna happen any minute.
I would say I count my blessings, but already on infinite.
So the limos keep them tinted, put my Uber on the Lux
Tell the Grammy’s that I’m ready, I’m a iron up the tux.
Verse 3:
I let my energy get it, I’m the voice for the afflicted
Lay my pen to heal the sickness show these kids to go the distance
To the ocean I’m a tempest, to the mountains I’m Olympus
You can say my music’s wack, I don’t sound like Future Hendricks
I’m not music for the strippers, I am music for the soul
When you done turning up on the car ride home
I’m the voice up in your speakers with the mind like whoa.
I’m that banging fucking drummer with that bass so low.
I’m that everlasting message when the drugs wear off.
I’m that song for your break up when the love wears off.
I’m that art they take for granted, but they just press play.
I’m there telling you got it, when you just lost faith.
I’m that humble voice of reason, when you’ve gone too far.
I’m that one that keeps driving when you just want to park.
I’m that only friend left when you just can’t trust.
I’m that feeling that you get better known as love.
Track Name: Progress
[HOOK: WordPlay T.Jay]
They can move out,
I’m a keep showing.
Ain’t slowing me down,
I’m a keep flowing.
[Verse 1]
I’m sitting at the tv watching Biggie, on the box in the living room
Way before my sister could even tie her tennis shoes
In the tube, feel the wait like an interlude
To get up out the neighborhood I had to get my pen to move
Out of tune, trying to find my groove like a record
Feeling reckless and I never fit the block like in Tetris
And my glasses thick as ever like the ass in Atlanta
I’m still on Fruitly Loops flipping words like I’m Vannah
Tryna lose my manners, gassing up my team with my banter
And I’m Hulking out screaming On The Map is my banner.
I ain’t even out, counting up the odds, Timmy Turner
Feeling famous with a couple hundred CD’s in the burner
The teacher’s favorite learner just in case it didn’t work
Screaming Nothin’ Less turning all the last into first
I started from the bottom I’m gon make it to the top
So as the clock keeps ticking all the rest is going to pop, yup.
I say my crew run, run, run.
My crew run, run,
And ain’t no stopping my progress
I say my crew run, run, run.
My crew run, run,
And ain’t no stopping my progress
[Verse 2]
I was just a square that was good at geometry,
I stayed up in the books just to change my geography,
A young boy, stayed distracted by anatomy,
Who knew my life would change with a little trigonometry?
Hit me with the cosign, Sway was on a tangent.
Who knew this little Bama was good at flipping the grammar.
I’m ready plug in the cameras, and hurry give me the grammy’s
So I can scoop up my grammy and put her up in a mansion.
Damn, I’m feeling so fancy and style is sicker than cancer
That’s wrapped up with some e-bola and a shot of liver damage.
Ahead without an advantage, if this is it I can manage.
Acting fast like I’m mannish, impatient ready to panic.
Hungry, naw I’m famished, but I ain’t stuck on semantics.
Rather stretch out a beat, and paint that bitch like a canvas.
Look at this from my vantage, I’m gaining on a daily.
That’s why my levels going up and y’all are looking lazy.
Anything you wanted you just got it through the limits
You can keep going, ain’t no stopping at the finish.
You just clock it every minute.
Good Lord, they just watching when you’re winning.
Anything you wanted you just got it through the limits
You can keep going, ain’t no stopping at the finish.
You just clock it every minute.
Good Lord, they just watching when you’re winning.
Track Name: Grind (featuring Proffit & Icarus Gray)
Whoa now, thinking I’m a slow down
Flipping buttons like control now.
And if you think it’s over you don’t know my mind
I been way, way low boy and still I grind.
Verse 1: Proffit
Grind like a tool sparks engulf you
Break you down until there's no you
Ridges sharpen knives and razors
Etch away with sandy papers
Flakes in space just like Orion
Dust in eyes it’s kind of blinding
I'm just saying all of this to let you know we from the diamond
State that's AR, yea we got bars
Penitential residential
Hustle hard is so essential
Try to stunt they going to get you
Grinding wrecking like a boat that tried to float close to a moat
That's right beside the castle leaned way to the right for tryna see
Two lesbians who got to pass in public by the castle grass
Grinding hard and going in and now the boat is on its ass
Grinding wrecking, grinding hard guess its different types of grind
Since I have my own mind I swear your grind ain't matching mine
Tryna beat out OTM let's grind it down your chances slim
I sweep it up and throw away the cleaner grinds the grime away
I guess that what you do deserve for tryna take the easy way
Be easy Mac my cheese is grate I'll cut it with me Team today, Proffit
Refrain: WordPlay T.Jay
How you gonna maintain,
By doing all the same things?
I fear nobody,
I fear nobody.
Verse 2: WordPlay T.Jay
Grinding like Columbian in Starbucks
Notice I’m too potent just to sit up looking star struck
Bars up, last call, think I need to slow down.
Grass high how many snakes I need to mow down.
Whoa now, that shit was pretty in the city
But its nitty gritty, nobody is stopping my committee
Cause the track is my resistance and the lyrics sitting pretty
Problems itty bitty cause I’m the newest P.Diddy
I’m a bad boy nobody can stop him
I’m a sky scrapper nobody can topple
I can cheat death no matter how often
I’m the bassline nobody can drop him
Occupation music it doesn’t matter the time
Sticking with the passion it’s a matter of mind
You can give it up but that’s no matter of mine
You can take the elevator but the ladder is fine I’m going up.
Skit: WordPlay T.Jay
(Phone Rings)
What? Really?
Yo, I’m trying to record right now what’s up?
Verse 3: Icarus Gray
You niggas couldn't catch a clue in a desert storm
Be warned, coming at you Shiva sheesh I mean armed
Ain't gotta flex to drop a nice bomb
you won't like me when I'm angry so remain calm
I palm napalm when I hold a pen, heart blacker then Akon that's the state I'm in
see bills don't come from hope that's the state I'm in
go so far just to state lines to reach the state you in
that's just the state of them, underestimated, probably don't see me at all
it'll be to late when the gray wolf got you locked in his jaws
ripping out your throat and have you standing there shocked and appalled
showing you the difference in a pack and a couple of dogs
I'm just raw coming straight like a steak when prepared
swagger well done and the flow that I carry is rare
be clear, I'm just doing what I'm made to do
rhyming carnivore boy I will never be afraid of food
How you gonna maintain by doing all the same things
It’s a miracle you got this far, but I still gotta let you go.
How you gonna maintain, by doing all the same things.
I fear nobody, I fear nobody.
Track Name: Out The Box
Yeah boy, I’m out the box with this one.
Pack it up.
Grabbed some soul down in New Orleans
Put it all in a U-Haul truck.
I’m not gon wait for you to move
I’m on my way, I’m on my way
[Verse 1]
This feel like 100,000 on the dance floor
Like they just got Grinding instrumental and a cypher by the band door
Double major and it’s too much to handle,
Instead of making hits they continue to ramble.
Hmm, graph it out like SAMO
She’ll really think you’re cute if you push that Lambo
Melt real quick like a tea light candle,
Flex so much the song sound like Rambo.
The only thing bitter is how cold my verse is.
No competition so I guess it’s verses.
On the beat too, like “Damn that hearse big!”
- I killed it just in case you noticed.
My pen just notes wit from the hand I note with
Thinking right to left like a backwards notion.
They talking like coming up out the Rock is hopeless
I put my specks on and they’re lacking focus.
Dance with you like one last time
Meet me in the morning, meet me in the morning,
Cause I gotta move out. [Repeat]
[Verse 2]
This feel like Outkast, ‘fore they broke up
- Like you just went “Kwish” on a fresh can of soda
- it’s Friday night and ya friend just rolled up
- Hold up…had to break so I could roll up
So out the box, tell jack to wind up
My crowd gets live so the zombies they line up
- collect later on so the fame is in trust
The fans AA, counting steps, so sense us
[Verse 3]
I ain’t never cash a check from opinions.
Guess you better move like a minion, check ya own damn villians.
If I ever cross the line check ya own damn feelings,
Like a prostate check this is grown man business
Shit, what you know about dealing’
Say you cook rocks but ain’t never touch a skillet
That’s why I put some bounce over 808’s
Cause too many future rappers tryna sound like Drake.
- Damn, why everybody bummed out?
- Like you standing under bridges with your thumbs out
- lil longer when you carve your own route.
My account got umbrellas when you’re in that drought
Not to sound cocky, but my pants full of broccoli
Let ya talent get wasted like a shot full of sake
Rolling through the beat like I’m playing Kawasaki
They can act like I ain’t present but ain’t nan nigga stop me.
[Hook] x2
Track Name: New Problems
Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay
Call be black Macklemore, and they used to make fun of my vernacular
I’m spectacular they tryna see the proof, if I can back it up
And I’m graduating paper like a Bachelors
And that’s what’s up keep thinking that I’m wack as fuck
Bout to need a quarter million just to pack the buss
Getting Proffit situated just to stack the pub
Not the place you get a Guinness, ASCAP Whaddup?!
Tryna get these niggas salty like a peanut, peanut
And ya whole thing big as Mona Lisa, Lisa
Unidentified looking for your leader, leader
I’m going pro bitch I gotta get my feet up
Real soon I ain’t worried about the bills no more
I aint owning all the rights then the deals no go
And my life bout to pivot like it’s heal to toe
I’ve been working this hard just to steal the show, I need some
I think I need some new problems, hold up
Aint thinking about the same old stuff
Had a bunch of days where it ain’t no love
But some new things just came up. Yup.
New problems,
Aint thinking about the same old stuff
Had a bunch of days where it ain’t no love
But some new things just came up. Yup.
Verse 2:
Sitting in a new tax bracket write another classic
They outside try to pick it out like a graphic
Honor roll now they watch me blow like a gasket
Yet the police try to put me in the casket
Co-workers knew me as a bold little bastard.
On the road just to sell the flow to the masses
Piece it all together like its fabric (magic)
Tricks up my sleeve, call me Gadget.
I don’t want to work no more unless its On the Map
Came up out the hood, where niggas they used to throw me daps
Now I’m hearing claps from the stage and not the A-R’s
And they used to blow my phone now they paid off
See me shining so bright I’m throwing shade off
Used to be plotting and scheming and now we Madoff
It don’t matter if you say I’m jacking Jay-Z lines
I’m only 1 song away from hitting Jay-Z’s line.
I ain’t worried about the same old things
Cause they’re gon’ change
They’re gon’ change,
yeah they gon’ change.
Verse 3:
I used to be worried about my bullshit luck
I was on my bullshit the the bullshit stuck
Doing everything just to fill my cup
Knowing that my real job is to write this stuff
Yet I’m filling out all the job applications
Knowing what I need is a little bit of patience
Working every day not to chase my dreams
Now I’m focused on my dreams just to make my cream
I got some new problems.
Track Name: Give It Up
How you gone make them stand if you never had the luck
And how you gone make them bands if they never gave a fuck
How you gone wave them hands if they never show you love
Easy and I’m glad you asked me, cause I never give it up
Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay
I’d like to thank God for the talent
as I stack it up so many cards that I balance
Instead of me giving up yards I’m a challenge
I’m a Push T and so far no malice
These bars I average
sitting here way above the bars you gather
Giving all the tool just to carve this pattern
put it mind that’s all that matters these walls I shatter
And winter’s coming soon my dude
I don’t see another year where we could lose my dude
Get ya dreams out on these fools my dude
cause you’re the only one you got to prove it to
You ain’t bout your shit then I can’t move with you
and when we talking about needles I moved a few
I’m tryna get a mill I can’t afford to move
I’m writing all these lines I can’t lose the booth
Verse 2:
It’s only but a matter of time
and my value’s going up when I’m harder to find
Rather be myself because I’m smart and defined
treat it like clay I’m getting harder with time
I’m just an artist with mine I’m ringing off like a chime
just to keep it real don’t lose your heart and your spine
Cause everything you want you can put it in line
even if you don’t believe look for God in the signs
Now they ain’t taking me under
I done came this far with my hunger
ain’t no stealing my thunder
So let them wonder
Now they ain’t taking me under
I done came this far with my hunger
ain’t no stealing my thunder
So let them wonder
Verse 3:
Aww Damn now I’m bout to win in this bitch
cause I’m coming for the folks that pretend to be rich
I been up on the map watchin’ energy switch
and when you start to get it watch your enemies flip
Now they wanna be yo friends (now they want it)
And now they wanna act like kin (now they want it)
And now they wanna make amends (now they want it)
They flock when you get them end’s
Now I’m done being bitter and I’m on to bigger pictures
and it’s no small talk getting on to bigger business
I’m building on the map and moving on to bigger benches
and I’m stuck doing me I ain’t dealing with the censes
Everything I write I’m hittin’ multiple dimensions
riding on a new wave and you looking at the tempest
Say they want to win but they looking kinda skiddish
call me 10 years later when I’m starin’ at the finish and I’m out
Now they ain’t takin’ me under
I done came this far with my hunger ain’t no stealing my thunder
So let them wonder (one more time)
Now they ain’t taking me under
I done came this far with my hunger
ain’t no stealing my thunder
So let them wonder