100 $ (featuring BEE​-​West)

from by WordPlay T.JAY

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I had 100 $ to my name but I had to motivate myself to keep going even when times seemed bleak.


100 dollars down, yet I’m focused.
And I’m bout to get faded like the sunset
And let it go, and let it go.
Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay
Started off this week real bad
Paid up Geico and it zapped my cash.
First of the month and rent’s due.
I’m trying to vent but it’s hotter than a church pew.
In Louisiana with those little bitty fans on a stick.
Work my balls off until the Stans on my dick.
Wanna book a tour but the views ain’t hit.
But the way to get fans is to use that shit.
Man I’m trying to eat, break me off with the formula.
Started long ago but my motor’s still warming up.
I can see the words touching bodies like a coroner.
Talking but nobody understands like a foreigner.
That don’t really make no sense.
I’m saying few comprehend, what the rest don’t get.
So I’m dropping every week like a sitcom.
Cause my bank account got me on a mission.
Verse 2: Bee-West
Look, living dream and dreaming is what I’m fiending for.
Give another option, my plot is to make the dreamer grow.
From another part in the garden, my art will seem to show.
Beautiful visions, of living a world and it’s like a prism.
Splitting light in all directions, just like a division.
I rather pull it all together, --- addition
For my brothers, I want us to reach above the stars.
Sinking to another level, whenever, we yeah we are.
Unstoppable, uncrushable,
nothing that I can do to make another one question
and happiness I pursue is like.
Mixing orange juice with Sprite.
Mix it through the night, I put on the music of life right?
At a stop light. Leaning to the left.
Thinking bout a lot of bullshit that’s out of step.
I make dance of it, the answer is something amazing.
Never thought of it when nothing that’s up in my savings.
Verse 3: WordPlay T.Jay
Seems like all I do now is sit and worry about a check
I ain’t even online but I’m worried about the net
Trying to build an army but there’s nowhere I can vet
Finna reach the top but they add another step.
Seems like people that I knew don’t even talk no more.
Even Hans got Chewy, why am I so low.
Hope the odds even out like an isotope.
And there’s a few guys thinking why am I so dope.
I’m a class act with a back pack make you bag back.
I’m the bomb now, I ain’t talking about in Bagdhad.
Beauty of the week now I’m waking up with Jet lag.
Building my credentials now ya boy needs a press pass.
But I’m still clocking in at Best Buy.
Job applications putting on my best tie
Greeting customers, putting on my best lie.
Cause I’m writing in my head working on the next line.


from Job Application, track released April 1, 2016
Written by Terry L Johnson Jr. & Brandon Westbrooks
Produced by WordPlay T.JAY



all rights reserved


WordPlay T.JAY Little Rock, Arkansas

WordPlay T.Jay takes his underdog story and flips it into a story of success. Creating music that caters to the underdogs of today.

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