Grind (featuring Proffit & Icarus Gray)

from by WordPlay T.JAY

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How are you gonna maintain, by doing all the same things? Get out there and Grind to change your life.


Whoa now, thinking I’m a slow down
Flipping buttons like control now.
And if you think it’s over you don’t know my mind
I been way, way low boy and still I grind.
Verse 1: Proffit
Grind like a tool sparks engulf you
Break you down until there's no you
Ridges sharpen knives and razors
Etch away with sandy papers
Flakes in space just like Orion
Dust in eyes it’s kind of blinding
I'm just saying all of this to let you know we from the diamond
State that's AR, yea we got bars
Penitential residential
Hustle hard is so essential
Try to stunt they going to get you
Grinding wrecking like a boat that tried to float close to a moat
That's right beside the castle leaned way to the right for tryna see
Two lesbians who got to pass in public by the castle grass
Grinding hard and going in and now the boat is on its ass
Grinding wrecking, grinding hard guess its different types of grind
Since I have my own mind I swear your grind ain't matching mine
Tryna beat out OTM let's grind it down your chances slim
I sweep it up and throw away the cleaner grinds the grime away
I guess that what you do deserve for tryna take the easy way
Be easy Mac my cheese is grate I'll cut it with me Team today, Proffit
Refrain: WordPlay T.Jay
How you gonna maintain,
By doing all the same things?
I fear nobody,
I fear nobody.
Verse 2: WordPlay T.Jay
Grinding like Columbian in Starbucks
Notice I’m too potent just to sit up looking star struck
Bars up, last call, think I need to slow down.
Grass high how many snakes I need to mow down.
Whoa now, that shit was pretty in the city
But its nitty gritty, nobody is stopping my committee
Cause the track is my resistance and the lyrics sitting pretty
Problems itty bitty cause I’m the newest P.Diddy
I’m a bad boy nobody can stop him
I’m a sky scrapper nobody can topple
I can cheat death no matter how often
I’m the bassline nobody can drop him
Occupation music it doesn’t matter the time
Sticking with the passion it’s a matter of mind
You can give it up but that’s no matter of mine
You can take the elevator but the ladder is fine I’m going up.
Skit: WordPlay T.Jay
(Phone Rings)
What? Really?
Yo, I’m trying to record right now what’s up?
Verse 3: Icarus Gray
You niggas couldn't catch a clue in a desert storm
Be warned, coming at you Shiva sheesh I mean armed
Ain't gotta flex to drop a nice bomb
you won't like me when I'm angry so remain calm
I palm napalm when I hold a pen, heart blacker then Akon that's the state I'm in
see bills don't come from hope that's the state I'm in
go so far just to state lines to reach the state you in
that's just the state of them, underestimated, probably don't see me at all
it'll be to late when the gray wolf got you locked in his jaws
ripping out your throat and have you standing there shocked and appalled
showing you the difference in a pack and a couple of dogs
I'm just raw coming straight like a steak when prepared
swagger well done and the flow that I carry is rare
be clear, I'm just doing what I'm made to do
rhyming carnivore boy I will never be afraid of food
How you gonna maintain by doing all the same things
It’s a miracle you got this far, but I still gotta let you go.
How you gonna maintain, by doing all the same things.
I fear nobody, I fear nobody.


from Job Application, track released April 1, 2016
Written by Terry L Johnson Jr.; Terrence E Johnson; Joseph A Gray II;
Produced by WordPlay T.JAY



all rights reserved


WordPlay T.JAY Little Rock, Arkansas

WordPlay T.Jay takes his underdog story and flips it into a story of success. Creating music that caters to the underdogs of today.

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