New Problems

from by WordPlay T.JAY

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With success comes a host of New Problems that I'm looking forward to.


Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay
Call be black Macklemore, and they used to make fun of my vernacular
I’m spectacular they tryna see the proof, if I can back it up
And I’m graduating paper like a Bachelors
And that’s what’s up keep thinking that I’m wack as fuck
Bout to need a quarter million just to pack the buss
Getting Proffit situated just to stack the pub
Not the place you get a Guinness, ASCAP Whaddup?!
Tryna get these niggas salty like a peanut, peanut
And ya whole thing big as Mona Lisa, Lisa
Unidentified looking for your leader, leader
I’m going pro bitch I gotta get my feet up
Real soon I ain’t worried about the bills no more
I aint owning all the rights then the deals no go
And my life bout to pivot like it’s heal to toe
I’ve been working this hard just to steal the show, I need some
I think I need some new problems, hold up
Aint thinking about the same old stuff
Had a bunch of days where it ain’t no love
But some new things just came up. Yup.
New problems,
Aint thinking about the same old stuff
Had a bunch of days where it ain’t no love
But some new things just came up. Yup.
Verse 2:
Sitting in a new tax bracket write another classic
They outside try to pick it out like a graphic
Honor roll now they watch me blow like a gasket
Yet the police try to put me in the casket
Co-workers knew me as a bold little bastard.
On the road just to sell the flow to the masses
Piece it all together like its fabric (magic)
Tricks up my sleeve, call me Gadget.
I don’t want to work no more unless its On the Map
Came up out the hood, where niggas they used to throw me daps
Now I’m hearing claps from the stage and not the A-R’s
And they used to blow my phone now they paid off
See me shining so bright I’m throwing shade off
Used to be plotting and scheming and now we Madoff
It don’t matter if you say I’m jacking Jay-Z lines
I’m only 1 song away from hitting Jay-Z’s line.
I ain’t worried about the same old things
Cause they’re gon’ change
They’re gon’ change,
yeah they gon’ change.
Verse 3:
I used to be worried about my bullshit luck
I was on my bullshit the the bullshit stuck
Doing everything just to fill my cup
Knowing that my real job is to write this stuff
Yet I’m filling out all the job applications
Knowing what I need is a little bit of patience
Working every day not to chase my dreams
Now I’m focused on my dreams just to make my cream
I got some new problems.


from Job Application, track released April 1, 2016
Written by Terry L Johnson Jr.
Produced by WordPlay T.JAY



all rights reserved


WordPlay T.JAY Little Rock, Arkansas

WordPlay T.Jay takes his underdog story and flips it into a story of success. Creating music that caters to the underdogs of today.

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