Po So Long

from by WordPlay T.JAY

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So now that I've gone through the hard times, I'm reflecting on how I'm different because money has always been a struggle. How will my choices be different?


WordPlay T.Jay - Po So Long – Lyrics
[Intro: WordPlay T.Jay]
Who knew that I’d be so fortunate,
To get to meet Big Boi and get to chill back stage.
Or a few years back getting love from Sway.
God gotta be real to build a buzz off faith.
Poor so long.
That the good feels great.
Checks coming in just to fill my plate.
I can fly so high you can’t steal my cape.
[Verse 1: WordPlay T.Jay]
I done been poor so long
That if I earned a million dollars then I’d never buy a mansion
Vacay in the country I don’t even need the Hamptons
Don’t need a caterer just a bomb ass sandwich
Poor so long
I’m a pay the car note and just fix up the damage
Never doing things that are so outlandish.
No diamonds in the chain cause this life ain’t granted.
Poor so long
That I’m a put aside a stack so my kid goes to Stanford.
Never got in rap for the glitz and the glamour.
Put my message out then probably win a Grammy.
Poor so Long
Holding on to myself never lose my standards.
Going back home just hug my family.
Man a dollar never ran me.
[Hook: ]
I ain’t even worried about a Million
It’s been a long old road
With the same old song
I done been poor so long.
I just want the pain all gone.
Til’ it ain’t no more, til it ain’t no more.
[Verse 2:]
I done been poor so long
That if a nigga ran up then he probably couldn’t rob me
The 44 tucked just to jack his broccoli
I could get down on what he tried to get off me
Poor so long
Like somebody trying to pour a gallon jug in the tub
Working off my debts just to get in the club
Even with my last dollar I’m a sip me some rum
Poor so long
I only know the positive like a stop four ways
Eating ice pops, what the hell is sorbet?
Stay killing in the summer now that’s a gore may
Poor so long
Holding on to myself never lose my standards
Going back home just to hug my family.
Man a dollar never ran me.
[Hook: 2x]


from Job Application, track released April 1, 2016
Written by Terry L Johnson Jr. & Terrence E Johnson
Produced by WordPlay T.JAY



all rights reserved


WordPlay T.JAY Little Rock, Arkansas

WordPlay T.Jay takes his underdog story and flips it into a story of success. Creating music that caters to the underdogs of today.

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