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So now I'm back on my game. It's time to pull yourself up and get it moving. You either are going to Go hard for what you love or take your ass home.


Hook (2x): WordPlay T.Jay
You either go hard or go home
You can’t complain about the tough shit that you don’t want
Your hustle level either Goyard or Polo
No interruptions, so just don’t knock on my door,
So Go Home Roger.
Verse 1:
I let my energy speak it my existence is through your speakers
Coming up like bleachers I’m inspired to touch the people
Healing preachers and teachers, my soul tougher than sneakers
Face off like jeepers creepers for homies my and my amigas
They aint with us? Never need em, negative never see it
No clouding up my judgement, the smoke, I never breathe it
Attract what I believe in claim it like Europeans
Doubted for seven season just to recognize the demons
I ain’t worried about the beamers I get the shit when I need it
Ain’t living life for your standards, I’m a motherfucking genius
I believe I am a God, drinking the blood of Jesus
Mop it with Wonder Bread, now I’m feeding all my people
My mind it’s very lethal, Danny Glover can’t believe it
Go back like LeBron, his hairline it can’t recede it.
I’m joking because I see it, white hair…I’m always teasing
Going hard for the reasons and running for my achievement.
Verse 2:
I let my energy speak it, and I’m going to the top
I don’t know if there’s a bottom because I’m focused on my spot
I stay focused til I pop, like a Midwest drink
I’m EQ’ing all the levels, I admit I never sing
I admit I never blink, 187 on my block
As a kid I used to think 187 never stops
Screaming no, mo, mo. We won’t go no more
That’s what bred my ambition, that’s what y’all don’t know
You ain’t making beats at midnight, have to go to class at 8
Go to work by 2 o’clock with no dinner on your plate
Eating pizza every meal, donate blood to feed your face
Have the coppers on your car for another man’s mistake
But I never stopped believing, its gonna happen any minute.
I would say I count my blessings, but already on infinite.
So the limos keep them tinted, put my Uber on the Lux
Tell the Grammy’s that I’m ready, I’m a iron up the tux.
Verse 3:
I let my energy get it, I’m the voice for the afflicted
Lay my pen to heal the sickness show these kids to go the distance
To the ocean I’m a tempest, to the mountains I’m Olympus
You can say my music’s wack, I don’t sound like Future Hendricks
I’m not music for the strippers, I am music for the soul
When you done turning up on the car ride home
I’m the voice up in your speakers with the mind like whoa.
I’m that banging fucking drummer with that bass so low.
I’m that everlasting message when the drugs wear off.
I’m that song for your break up when the love wears off.
I’m that art they take for granted, but they just press play.
I’m there telling you got it, when you just lost faith.
I’m that humble voice of reason, when you’ve gone too far.
I’m that one that keeps driving when you just want to park.
I’m that only friend left when you just can’t trust.
I’m that feeling that you get better known as love.


from Job Application, track released April 1, 2016
Written by Terry L Johnson Jr.
Produced by WordPlay T.JAY



all rights reserved


WordPlay T.JAY Little Rock, Arkansas

WordPlay T.Jay takes his underdog story and flips it into a story of success. Creating music that caters to the underdogs of today.

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